About us


We give the dogs our free time, the available space and excess of love. In return, dogs give us the whole themselves- it’s the best deal that man has evermade.
M. Facklam


Di Baduli kennel is locatedin Leskovac, in southern Serbia. After almost 10 years of breeding dobermanns, I decided to register my own kennel.
The attached photos show my love for dogs, that I took care about them since my childhood. My first serious work begins in 2007, when I became aowner of a male dog, named Ecko Naiss Ginga House. This dog has achieved outstanding results, including the title Vice European Youth Winner 2008.

After that I continue my cooperation with the Ginga House kennel and in June 2013  I found my own kennel called Di Baduli.

Vladimir Baduli

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